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- WasuRenaiDe -
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14th-Dec-2009 02:01 am - The Time Capsule Meme!!!
credit: youjuchan ^^
So this Meme was an idea by hotarumyst and it's pretty awesome imo :3

This meme was created by futagoza and it's kinda something like.. a one-entry-diary? XD~ All you have to do is write an entry of how you are atm etc.. and then let your friends leave a msg for you~ The entry will then be locked until december 2010 which means that you wont be able to read all the comments for a whole year~ After a year youre then be able to read all the comments which were written back then and reminisce ^____^

Just click thisTHE TIME CAPSULE MEMEand either create your own Time Capsule Meme or click this YOUJU's TIME CAPSULE MEMEand leave me a msg! ^____^

Post your msgs!! :D
7th-Dec-2009 11:08 pm(no subject)
credit: youjuchan ^^
This is just a random rant entry since I dont have a diary and facebooks definitely not a place to rant about such things + there are not many readers here anyway xD i just need to speak my mind *rofl*
to the few readers~ srry~ pls bear with me xD

So the past weeks were one of the worst weeks ive ever encountered~ I was sooo confused with all the things going on and totally lost track of everything @.@ kinda felt helpless at some time which definitely didnt bring good results >_<

Schools being evil like always~ nothing very special anymore since it my own fault being such a fail~ i cant even rant about it anymore cause itll make me feel even more depressed ^^'
thinking about the korea trip after graduation doesnt make me happy either anymore >_<

Going on to the main reason why i have this title~ Do you know the feeling having a friend who is actually totally nice and all and you can totally get along with this person? But you realize that after all these years that youve known her~ that youve never ever had a real one-to-one with that person?
Now this person celebrates a special occation in her life and youre one of the 'special friend' without even knowing why? Its not like she doesnt have lots of friend cause she's one of those girls in my community who is really outgoing and openminded~
i mean~ yes~ i felt honored when i first heard about it but then it semmed like she doesnt even care if i'm attending this occasion or not oO
any other person is telling me things like 'hey you know what? You have to do this and that and bring this and that to the party' and im like 'uh?no? I didnt know but thanks for tellin?' or like 'hey do you know what to wear' me is then like 'uhm whats the dresscode anyway?'
its not that i want any special treatments or something but is it too much to ask to invite a person PERSONALLY if shes part of a programm? Or even give any details WHERE AND WHEN the party is?
So today i met her and she was at my home with other friends for like almost half the day and didnt even talked to me oO when she went home the only thing she said was 'see you on saturday! Youre done with your speech arent you? *smile*' and im like 'uhm~ no actually not and i dont even know what to buy for you since i dont know whats your DAMN FAVORITE COLOR IS!'
i totally like her and shes nice and i dont think i would ever get into a fight with her~ but thats just because I DONT KNOW HER oO whos that girl i have to describe the personality of? Isnt it emberassing to be called a Special Friend while you dont even know her second name?>_<
and i also kinda feel punked since i guess im the only one there who shes actually not close to which sucks x.X

i dont even know why such things bother me oO and the whole entry doesnt make any sense~ but now im relieved xD but im pretty sure that this feelings wont be gone until sunday >_<'

/end of rant/

Better things that occured today --> C.N.Blue's Mini Album is 'out'!!!! *o* LUV IT <333 It's so awesome *o* Their Engrish still takes getting used to~ but I'm already used to it kekeke~ Their voices are just awesome <33 and is it Yong Hwa rapping? I really hoope so *lovelovelove*

Tomorrow's STUDYING day @.@ I really hope I'll / my brain will be productive then ><''
Thats it for tonight =.= I need some sleep now~
21st-Nov-2009 07:01 pm - Always keep the faith!
jaejoong music
So yeah.. its the 21st which means the airing of MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award)~ I was really looking forward to it as being totally curious if Jay or YunMin would appear~ None of them did *sadsmile*
I've watched JaeChunSu's speech as for now (Best Asia Group!! Congrats boys <3<3<3 I'm so proud of you!) and I have to say that I almost got tears looking at their faces D'X
I'm glad they didn't actually cry cause I wouldn't be able to bear with their tears ;o; Though one can see that Jae was trying REALLY hard to be strong~ Since we all know how much he loves his members I'm pretty sure that especially HE is really down because of the recent issues~
And we all know Jae has a cold heart XDDDD~ but my heart broke into pieces when I looked at his expression xx
Watch the vid and judge by yourself~

credit to MissReification@YT
Translated by AllKpop

Xiah Junsu stated:
"It's been a long time. It's an honor just to be able to attend such a huge event, but being able to receive an award, thank you so much. This award is not for one single member, but because all 5 members have put forth so much effort we are able to receive it. Thank you so much to all of our fans in Asia for allowing us to receive such a huge award."

Micky Yoochun stated:
"I think this is the first time I've wanted to sing so badly. After becoming a singer, I was able to meet such great members, that's why I think we are able to be here. We will work even harder to expand beyond Asia. We hope for even more support than now."

Youngwoong Jaejoong stated:
"I can't be happier because this award is coming directly from the fans of Asia. To our fans who are watching and possibly our two friends who are watching, I wanted to say that I love you."

Another group whom i really proud of is 2PM who won the BEST MALE GROUP and ARTIST OF THE YEAR award! ^^ They really reeaaallyyy deserve it <333
Watch their speeches HERE (Best male group) and HERE (Artist of the year)
*sob* I'm soo proud of'em *o*
credit: youjuchan ^^
I'd totally like to kick my ass now if i could >< And I'm really losing my faith in people~

Two days ago I lost my cellphone just because I'm someone who has to listen to music while going to school~ So when I heard my bell-charm jingling I didn't really realized that the cp fell down >< why does something like that always happen to me?!
2 phones gone in just 3 MONTHS! At first someone steals my iphone while i'm like.. 2 metres away! And now someone just keeps my almost broken cp thinking that they have to keep it just because it's a phone?! C'mon! what do you want with a sony ericsson which can't be closed correctly and where the display is slightly broken? Argh~
Honestly I don't even really care that the cp is gone~ it's just the fact that I won't be able to get my charms back ;o;
I REALLY REALLY want those charms back since I got them from KayKay T____T *cries*

I'm not surprised that someone wants to keep a phone he/she's found but I really believed the finder would be honest enough to take it to a lost and found station~ but I guess I should stop thinking like that~
I've always acted quite annoyed when my mother starts with 'hide this and that and watch out when they're going into your room' when friends are coming to my place because I mean.. duuuhh.. they are friends?! Why would they take my things? Though I don't want to be someone who doesn't have faith in people I know and I actually detest acting like a paranoid little girl infront of nice strangers etc.. just because they are being nice~ But I really am losing my faith in people now ><'' I guess I'm just too naive -.-'' *bricks herself*

Anyways~ My father wasnt very pleased to know that ONCE AGAIN my phone's gone and I'm not suprised in any way Oo'' My mother just 'laughed' at me (with an I-TOLD-YOU-LOOK -.-'')
Sooo~ I think it's for me to invest in a new phone.. so I looked around a littlle and found the BL40 and BL20 New chocolate phone~
550€ and 250€? Oo'' Insane? ><'' I think I'll just buy a hello kitty phone *rofl*

Have to sleep now since tomorrow's school Xx Schools Open Day~blaah -.-''
14th-Nov-2009 04:23 pm - A.N.JELL on Inkigayo?
credit: youjuchan ^^
Too good to be true XDD~ but this video gives you a little insight of how it might look like if they'd appear on Inkigayo kekeke~

Since I was kinda bored yesterday (or just because I didn't want to go to bed~ XD ) I was surfing through Youtube and watched some YB fanmade vids ^^ And then there was this one vid from Ep9 (i guess? not sure~ ) were Minam sang Without Words~ It was so touching that I recorded my version while singing along with her :3 And it sounded ugly cause her voice is too amazing XDD so I decided to sing along the Piano version *rofl* Just the 1st attempt~ Maybe I'm going to record it sometime~ not sure yet ^^'
Ignore my fail mic and the keyboard smashing at the beginning XDD my bro was sitting beside me and though I told him to be quiet for a minute he must have forgotten that one can hear when he's typing *lol*

Wanna listen? ^_____^ http://www.box.net/shared/xlyiiau9s3

And what do you think about the Jaebeom rumors? He's back in korea? dunno whom to believe ^^'' I just hope it's true <33
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